Welcome to Step 1 of How to Get Started Playing Guitar!
So you want to play guitar, but do you really know why? No, like...really, know??? Did you know...most people quit a new activity in less than 30 days if they never hone in on exactly why they're doing it in the first place. So, what are your guitar dreams? Do you want to join a band or become a pro musician? Do you just want to have fun and maybe meet new people? Do you want to have less anxiety while impacting those around you? 

Whatever your guitar dream may be, we need to figure it out together!
With this package
  • know exactly why you want to play guitar so you won't give up easily
  • become empowered to find your own guitar style
  • become inspired to take the next necessary steps

Step 1 includes exclusive access to "The Top 12 Benefits of Playing Guitar" Webinar; my New Student Guitar Goal Sheet; and my Guitar Lessons Structured Overview!

with 2 bonuses:
  • a 3-song collection download of my new music
  • a free Creative Call with me ($160 value)
Preview of Step 1 Package
Become empowered and inspired. But most of all, stop giving up on yourself!
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