Preview of Step 3 Package

 Welcome to Step 3 of How to Get Started Playing Guitar! 
You're ready for Step 3 if...
  • You know exactly why you want to play guitar
  • You have the "necesseties" of guitar equipment

With this package:
  • Figure out what to start learning in the best order for optimal success
  • Learn how to practice and get the most out of your practice
  • Find out where you really spend your time and how to fit practicing into your busy schedule
Step 3 includes my structured Guitar Lessons Overview; and my New Student Practice Tips, Practice Questions, Practice Log!
With 2 bonuses:
  • Time's Truth Divider 
  • Weekly Guitar Practice Schedule Example
Step 3 will propel your progress and save you frustration/time from so many other books, apps, etc. Practicing won't be a chore and won't take up all your time because you'll be a practice expert. Organize your time and discover how music principles can be applied to many aspects of your life! 
If you're ready to start learning and practicing, sign up below!
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